The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

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Title: The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1)
Series: Waxwood Series #1
Published by: Dreambook Press
Release Date: 2019
Contributors: Tam May
Genre: , , , ,
Pages: 310
ISBN13: 978-0998197944

To exorcise a specter, one must go back to the past…


In 1892 San Francisco, Nob Hill’s finest gather to mourn the death of Penelope Alderdice. When an uninvited guest shows up claiming to have known Mrs. Alderdice under another name, the Alderdices are shocked. Bertha Ross insists she knew “Grace” in the small coastal town of Waxwood in the 1850s and hints at Penelope’s adventures there, including a love affair and exile to an artist’s colony.


Vivian, Penelope’s nineteen-year-old granddaughter, never heard of Grace or Waxwood. Is it possible her grandmother had another identity beyond the generous philanthropist and celebrated socialite?


Against her family’s wishes, Vivian journeys to Waxwood to discover the secrets of her grandmother’s past.


But are some family truths better left hidden?


Follow Vivian’s journey in the first book of this family saga set in San Francisco’s Gilded Age by the author of the bestseller LESSONS FROM MY MOTHER’S LIFE, which debuted at #1 on the Amazon Historical Short Stories charts.


Get The Specter today and put yourself in the shoes of a Gilded Age belle who takes time away from her parties and flirtations to follow the ghosts of the past.




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Front Cover Photo Credit: Portrait of Sonya Knips, Gustav Klimt, 1898, oil on canvas, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria: Aavindraa/ Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 100


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Also in this series:

Larissa patted her head. “You’ve done all I asked of you thus far, Vivian. But lately, you’ve forgotten your position.”

“My position?”

“You’re the granddaughter of Malcolm Alderdice,” her mother said in a firm voice. “That means something in San Francisco.”

“I was the granddaughter of Penelope Alderdice too,” Vivian said. “Doesn’t that mean something?”

“In so far as she was Mrs. Malcolm Alderdice, dear.” Her mother sighed.

“A door has opened,” Vivian said. “Mrs. Ross opened it, whether we wanted her to or not.”

Her mother gave her a rueful look. “One need not walk through every open door, especially if a madwoman holds the key.”

“Mrs. Ross wasn’t mad,” Jake murmured. “Confused, but not mad.”

His mother gave him a look. Then, in a more congenial voice, she said to her daughter, “Not every door is the door to heaven, dear.”

“Let it be the door to hell, then,” Vivian declared.

Author: tammayauthor

Writing has been Tam May’s voice since the age of fourteen. She writes stories set in the past that feature sassy and sensitive women characters. Tam is the author of the Adele Gossling Mysteries which take place in the early 20th century and features suffragist and epistolary expert Adele Gossling whose talent for solving crimes doesn’t sit well with the town’s more conventional ideas about women’s place. She has also written historical fiction about women breaking loose from the social and psychological expectations of their era. Although Tam left her heart in San Francisco, she lives in the Midwest because it’s cheaper. When she’s not writing, she’s devouring everything classic (books, films, art, music) and concocting yummy plant-based dishes.