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My name is Tam May and I’m a historical fiction and historical mystery author. I’m also a lover of all things classic (literature, film, art.) I’m passionate about the nooks & crannies of history — the stuff you don’t read about in the history books.

If you’re looking for resilient women characters, living and breathing history as fresh and identifiable today as it was then, and stories that dive deep into social and psychological history, you’ve come to the right place!

The story of my fiction so far includes a Gilded Age family saga amid Nob Hill’s elite, The Waxwood Series, and a post-World War II short story collection, Lessons From My Mother’s Life, which debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Historical Short Fiction charts. I’m currently working on a historical mystery series featuring a turn-of-the-century New Woman titled The Paper Chase Mysteries.

You can check out all of my books by going to the Books menu above. To find out more about me, please check out the About tab.

Is the life of a Gilded Age debutante all parties and flirtations? Read “The Rose Debutante” to find out! It’s FREE! Plus, you’ll get to know about life in the past and about the resilient women the history books forgot. And how about fun historical facts, great deals on historical fiction books, and a cool monthly freebie thrown in just because?

I also have a readers group on Facebook. Lots of awesome readers and interesting historical stuff there, plus you’ll get access to special live posts and book excerpts.

I hope you enjoy your journey into the past on my site!

PS: If you’re wondering about my header, it’s an illustration of San Francisco back in the 1850s, when it was a nice, little town and not the eclectic, sprawling metropolis it is today. All my fiction is set in Northern California. Curious as to why? Read my author bio to find out!

Header Image Photo Credit: View of San Francisco in 1850, George Henry Burgess, 1878, oil on canvas, Oakland Museum of California: Wmpearl/ Wikimedia Commons/PD Art (PD old 100)