Pathfinding Women (Waxwood Series: Book 3)

Pathfinding Women book cover

“This is a fascinating read about the challenge of being a woman who wants her freedom when societal expectations tell them that they shouldn’t.”

Waxwood, 1899: Vivian Alderdice is twenty-six, unmarried, and has no prospective suitors. Her brother’s tragic plight the year before left the family on shaky ground in Nob Hill society. Their social position depends on Vivian capturing the heart of a wealthy Canadian bachelor determined to become a member of their exclusive society. But to win him, she and her mother must spend the summer in Waxwood.

Waxwood brings back memories of Vivian searching for her grandmother’s identity and uncovering family secrets she wasn’t prepared to deal with, but she’s determined to leave all that behind her.

Then a young man she meets on the train brings those skeletons out of the closet again, and Vivian finds herself torn between her fulfilling her social obligations or tracing a past that might lead to uncovering more family secrets.

Will Vivian’s summer unravel family truths that might destroy her family forever? Or will those months unearth a more authentic version of herself and where she stands as the new century approaches?

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