The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

The Specter book cover

A fantastic story that will definitely intrigue the reader and pull you into to the last page. – Amazon reader

San Francisco, 1892: Vivian Alderdice is not your typical Gilded Age debutante. She prefers books to flirting with marriageable men or poor titled nobles looking for a rich American heiress. Her exercise preferences lean more toward long walks in Golden Gate Park or along Ocean Beach than swinging around ballrooms doing the waltz or the two-step. But what’s a deb to do when she has social obligations and expectations to fulfill?

Then in the midst of her debutante life, her grandmother Penelope dies. The future Vivian thought was so clear is now clouded with confusion and uncertainty.

To make matters worse, a woman shows up at her grandmother’s funeral claiming to be an old friend from Penelope’s younger days. Who was the woman she knew? Not Penelope Alderdice, Nob Hill socialite, and wife to one of the city’s biggest shipping tycoons. The girl she knew was Grace Carlyle, an artist in search of adventure in a small coastal town named Waxwood.

Is the intruder a crank or, as Vivian’s mother claims, “confused”? Or is she telling the truth? Now it’s not only Vivian’s future that is cloudy but her family’s past as well.

Vivian’s journey takes her into the life of the woman she thought she knew, uncovering family secrets her mother kept hidden for over forty years.

Will Vivian find out her future in her grandmother’s past?

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