Other Works

Did you know I wrote historical women’s fiction in the past?

If you’re interested, feel free to check out my other works:

The Specter book cover

The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

“May’s historical fiction picks apart the delicate facade of American gentility in upper-class families.” In the midst of Vivian’s debutante life, her grandmother dies, leaving behind a mysterious identity and a web of family secrets and lies Vivian must untangle to secure her own uncertain future “An intriguing and beguiling story.” – Amazon reader. Get this book for free here

False Fathers book cover

False Fathers (Waxwood Series: Book 2)

At nineteen, Jake Alderdice loses his grandfather, the only paternal figure he ever knew. His mother expects him to take his place as the new head of the family but Jake has few of the qualities of a Gilded Age patriarch. The one man who could have guided him is now gone. Jake finds no shortage of role models in Waxwood, including a rambunctious young man and his older but more elusive cousin. But are his new mentors all they claim to be? Or are they wolves in sheep’s clothing bent on leading Jake into a version of Gilded Age manhood he’s not ready for? Jake must choose his new father figure wisely or risk failure and family disgrace. Find out more about the book here.

Pathfinding Women (Waxwood Series: Book 3)

At the close of the nineteenth century, Vivian Alderdice is twenty-six, unmarried, and has no prospective suitors. Her brother’s tragic plight the year before left the family on shaky ground with their Nob Hill friends. Their social position depends on Vivian winning the heart of a wealthy Canadian bachelor looking to become a member of their exclusive society. A young man she meets on the train rattles the family skeletons out of the closet and Vivian finds herself torn between social obligations and the chance to discover more family secrets and half-truths. Will Vivian have the courage to discover family secrets and half-truths as she did seven years ago that may destroy her family forever? Find out more about the book here.

Dandelions book cover

Dandelions (Waxwood Series: Book 4)

For Vivian Alderdice, the twentieth century begins with a new start. Now a working woman and progressive reformer, she’s forsaken Nob Hill for Waxwood’s business district. Vivian’s quiet life is thrown into turmoil when the man who ruined her brother’s life appears in Waxwood like another specter she must overcome. At first, Vivian hates him with a passion but gradually finds herself drawn to help him. Will she follow his journey through the dark forest of guilt and betrayal or her own? Find out more about the book here.

Lessons From My Mother’s Life

Women in post-war America had it all: generous husbands with great jobs, comfortable suburban homes with nice yards and a two-car garage, and all the latest gadgets to make their housework easier. They were sold a bill of goods about post-war life. Some bought it and some didn’t. This book is about the women who didn’t.  Five stories. Five women. Five journeys of self-discovery. Find out more about the book here.