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Vivian Alderdice has just made her social debut, but her interests lie more in books than in flirtations and learning the Hesitation Waltz. Then in the midst of the parties and balls that make up a debutante’s life, her grandmother Penelope passes away. Vivian replaces her taffeta and silk ballgowns for mourning clothes and puts courtship on hold. All of San Francisco’s elite attend the funeral, including a woman claiming to be an old friend of Penelope’s. She’s eager to tell Vivian about the woman she knew: Not Penelope Alderdice, the shipping tycoon’s wife, and Nob Hill socialite, but Grace Carlyle, a spunky artist searching for adventure. Is the intruder a crank? Is she confused? Or is she telling the truth? Vivian embarks on a journey to discover who her grandmother really was and the mysteries the Alderdice family has kept hidden for over forty years. Will Vivian’s future be revealed in her grandmother’s past?

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Book Cover Photo Credit: Portrait of Sonya Knips, Gustav Klimt, 1898, oil on canvas, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria: Aavindraa/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 100