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“Could not put this down, read from cover to cover in one sitting.” – Goodreads reviewer

To exorcise a specter, one must go back to the past…

In 1892 San Francisco, Nob Hill’s finest gather to mourn the death of Penelope Alderdice. When an uninvited guest shows up claiming to have known Mrs. Alderdice under another name, the Alderdices are shocked. Bertha Ross insists she knew “Grace” in the small coastal town of Waxwood in the 1850s and hints at Penelope’s adventures there, including a love affair and exile to an artist’s colony.

Vivian, Penelope’s nineteen-year-old granddaughter, never heard of Grace or Waxwood. Is it possible her grandmother had another identity beyond the generous philanthropist and celebrated socialite?

Vivian must journey back to Waxwood to find out.

But are some family truths better left hidden?

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Photo Credit: The Inmates of my House, Therese Schwartze, 1915, oil on canvas, Museum de Lakenhal, the Netherlands: Jan Arkesteijn/Wikimedia Commons/PD Old 100

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