House of Masks

House of Masks

Release Date: TBA

A woman mourning the death of her father is drawn into the lives of her eccentric and embittered neighbors.

About the Book

Sometimes masks reveal more than they hide.

Nancy Vanover has been living with her widowed father in Parola, an isolated town at the foot of Big Sur, devoting herself to his care when his physical and mental health dwindled.

When he dies, a neighbor she knows only by sight appears at the funeral with a strange procession of friends. She is Bree Owen, a beautiful, vivacious young woman. She takes Nancy under her wing and convinces Nancy to move in with her and her long string of guests in the house she named Weldenna until she decides what to do with her future.

Bree isn’t the only neighbor who takes an interest in the destitute Nancy. She receives a bouquet of condolence flowers from Markham Keyes. Disabled from a mysterious illness and bitterly disappointed in life, Nancy is the only one besides his younger brother Eddie who can pierce into his world.

Eventually, Nancy is swept into the freedom of Bree’s world, a string of lazy morning swims, endless conversations, dizzying parties, and “entertainments”. For the first time in her life, Nancy belongs. But Markham, whose inexplicable loathing of Bree shadows his days, constantly warns Nancy that Bree isn’t who she seems and that her free-spirited and eccentric masks conceal a more self-involved and callous personality underneath that will stop at nothing to get what she wants without caring about the price others have to pay.

A cast of dark characters are unveiled, exposing Nancy to the scars of her lonely and constricted past and a hope for the future.

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