Tales of Actaeon (Waxwood Series: Book 2)

Tales of Actaeon (Waxwood Series: Book 2)

Release Date: December, 2019

In his attempt to fulfill his grandfather's dying wish, Jake Alderdice learns the meaning of masculinity in the Gilded Age when he encounters three powerful father figures.

About the Book

When the diseased souls of men shape a boy’s maturity …

Six years after the death of Penelope Alderdice, the Alderdices face another death in the family — that of patriarch Malcolm Alderdice. On his deathbed, Malcolm bestows his dying wishes that his grandson, Jacob take his place in the family business, and his granddaughter, Vivian find a new husband after mourning the death of her first for four long years.

At twenty-one, Jake is shy and brooding, as passionate about art as was his grandmother. He is no match for the ruthlessness and ambitions expected of the Gilded Age businessman. So when his mother Larissa lays out a plan for him to take over Alderdice Shipping and Alderdice Luxury Liner the moment they return from their summer holiday to Waxwood, now a popular resort town for the elite of the San Francisco Bay Area, he is horrified but accepts his fate.

While his mother Larissa is preoccupied with guiding Vivian into marriage prospects for which Vivian is not quite ready, Jake struggles to define himself as a man in the shadow of his dominating grandfather’s ghost and his own conflicting desires for his future. Left to his own devices, he befriends three men whose paternal interest contrast the neglect of his own absent father: Lord Howell Ramsey, an eccentric nobleman whose zest for life builds a thin wall around his more cynical view of mankind; Arnold Donner, a lonely, wayward man whose son was killed in the Spanish American War; and Harland Stevens, a potently leader of boys and men behind whose smile lies something brutal and sinister.

Will these men help Jake mature into the Gilded Age man and family patriarch his mother wants him to be? Or will they lead him down a dangerous path into the world of Actaeon, where the hunter becomes the hunted?

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