The Carnation Murder (Paper Chase Mysteries: Book 1)

The language of flowers can be deadly.

California, 1902: Adele Gossling needs a new life. Devastated by the recent death of her father, she leaves her brother Jackson behind in San Francisco to retire to the small town of Arrojo. Adventurous, inquisitive, and much too progressive for its Victorian-minded citizens, she makes a huge splash when she rumbles into town in one of the era’s newfangled automobiles.

Lucy Blackstone, the daughter of one of Arrojo’s most prominent citizens, is Adele’s one chance for a proper introduction and acceptance into society. But that chance is cut short when Lucy is found dead in Adele’s gazebo. 

Can Adele and the town clairvoyant Nin Branch help the police solve a puzzling case involving a striped carnation, a diamond ring, a note, a muddy pair of boots, and a broken promise?

If you love smart, intricate whodunits in the spirit of Agatha Christie, Anna Katharine Green, and Dorothy L. Sayers, you’ll love this series involving a sassy woman sleuth set during one of America’s most vibrant eras. 

Pick up your copy of The Carnation Murder for an absorbing mystery set in Northern California at the turn of the 20th century. 

What readers are already saying:

“Really well paced and researched appropriately for the era.”

“The story comes alive and I wanted to read on to the end.”

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