At Will (Paper Chase Mysteries: Book 3)

No one is more in danger than a lady who has just made a will…

Teddy Roosevelt has just been elected president and even the small town of Arrojo can’t deny progressive reform is here to stay. Rebecca Gold comes to Arrojo to start her own law practice. The affluent Thea Marsh becomes her first client and asks her to draw up her will. 

Thea dies over the Thanksgiving holiday and the doctor attributes her death to heart failure. Rebecca can’t shake the feeling something isn’t right and convinces amateur sleuth Adele Gossling to help her prove her client’s death was anything but natural.

Can Adele make a case for the police out of a stained teacup, a fountain pen nib, ashes that should have been in the fireplace, and daisies that should have been fresh? 

Find out in this third installment of the Paper Chase Mysteries, the compelling Progressive Era series spearheaded by Adele Gossling and her spiritual sidekick, Nin Branch, as they set out to prove women can be crime busters too!

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