A Wordless Death (Paper Chase Mysteries: Book 2)

The dead can’t speak… or can they?

Things are going well for Adele Gossling. She’s adjusting to small-town life after the hustle and bustle of turn-of-the-century San Francisco. In spite of her progressive ideas about women’s suffrage and her unladylike business acumen, even Arrojo’s most prominent citizens are beginning to get used to her.

Then Millie Gibb, the new English teacher at the Wrigley School for Girls, is found dead in her room at Mrs. Taylor’s boarding house. Adele’s brother, now Arrojo’s deputy sheriff, and Sheriff Hatfield believe the evidence points to suicide. Adele and clairvoyant Nin Branch, however, aren’t so convinced.

Can Adele, fighter of justice for women, alive or dead, prove Millie’s death may have been foul play before the case is closed for good?

You’ll love this Progressive-Era whodunit featuring a sassy and smart New Woman giving the police a run for their money!  

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