The Case of the Dead Domestic (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 6)

Case of the Dead Domestic ebook cover

A lady’s maid was getting too big for her skirts. But does that justify murder?

Everyone agreed: Arabella Parnell thought far too much of herself. She worked her way up from scullery maid to lady’s maid for one of Arrojo’s finest families and the wife of a personal friend of the mayor’s. She wrote letters to her former employer’s daughter as if they were intimate friends. She flirted with some of the most prominent young men in the county. A young lady with high-and-mighty ideas indeed!

The Arrojo police are hardly surprised when they find her dead among the shrubbery in a wealthy bachelor’s conservatory.

And yet, amateur sleuth and suffragist Adele Gossling can’t help but wonder: Who was Arabella Parnell? Was she just a servant with arrogant manners and too much self-assurance? Or was she the victim of the pride and passions of powerful men, one of whom did her in? With only a hair comb, a broach, and a candlestick to go on, can Adele solve this case?

Based on a true historical small-town murder that is still unsolved!

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