Murder Under a Twilight Roof (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 5)

Murder Under a Twilight Roof cover

Can Adele Gossling find out who killed a crowd-pleasing man on the flying trapeze?

The circus comes to Arrojo, an event filled with fun, enchantment, and daring at the turn of the century. The whole town is buzzing with excitement to see Julius Rowe, the Barry Circus’ “man on the flying trapeze”. He has looks, charm, and the enviable position of circus star. But privately, the arrogant, ambitious Julius is not much loved by his fellow performers. Except, that is, by the women. He’s not above enticing wives to cheat on their husbands and get himself a few dollars in the bargain. But the crowds? They can’t get enough of him!

Until one person does and kills him during his performance.

The police are baffled. Was it the husband of Julius’ latest conquest? Or was it the lady herself, proving that a woman scorned can be a dangerous thing? Or was it even one of the other performers, out of jealousy and rage?

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