Death At Will: (Adele Gossling Mysteries Book 3)

Death At Will book cover

Can Adele Gossling prove a son didn’t kill his mother?

Teddy Roosevelt has just been elected president and even Arrojo can’t deny progressive reform is here to stay. Rebecca Gold, one of the era’s New Women, comes to Arrojo to start her own law practice and lands the affluent Thea Marsh as her first client.

Thea dies unexpectedly and the trail of suspects leads to her own family. In particular, her beloved eldest son, Theo, is accused of the crime. Mild-mannered and somewhat of a mama’s boy, could he really be guilty of such a heinous crime?

The police think so. So Rebecca turns to her new friend in town: stationary shop owner Adele Gossling. Adele has already proven herself to be adept in helping the local police solve crimes, much to the shock and chagrin of her more conservative neighbors. Despite promises never to involve herself in crime detection again, how can she refuse a friend in need?

Will Adele make a case against Theo for the police out of a stained teacup, a fountain pen nib, ashes that should have been in the fireplace, and daisies that should have been fresh? Or will Theo go to the gallows and the real murderer escape justice?

Find out in this third installment of the Adele Gossling Mysteries, the compelling early 20th century series spearheaded by Adele Gossling and her spiritual sidekick, Nin Branch, as they set out to prove women can be crime busters too!

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