The Order Of Actaeon (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

The Order Of Actaeon (Waxwood Series: Book 1)
Release Date: January 18, 2018
The son of a wealthy family falls into the hands of a charismatic older man obsessed with power and leadership during a summer vacation in the resort town of Waxwood, California.
About the Book

Sometimes the hunter can become the hunted.

Jake is the heir of the prominent Alderdice family in San Francisco. Although dearly loved by his sister Vivian, his passion for art and his contemplative temperament make him a pariah in the eyes of his tyrannical mother Larissa.

A year after the family patriarch dies, Larissa announces they are taking their yearly summer vacation to Waxwood, a resort town for the wealthy in Northern California. There, Jake meets Stevens, a charismatic older man. With his paternal authority and obsession for power and leadership, Stevens is the epitome of Larissa’s idea of manhood. Jake develops a hero worship for Stevens who in turn is intrigued by Jake’s artistic talent and philosophical nature. Stevens introduces him to the Order Of Actaeon, a group of misanthropes who rejected commercial and conventional luxuries in their former lives for a “pure” life in the wild.

But behind the potent charms of his new friend and seductive simplicity of the Actaeon lifestyle lies something brutal and sinister that Jake could not have anticipated.

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