The Claustrophobic Heart (Waxwood Series: Book 2)

The Claustrophobic Heart (Waxwood Series: Book 2)
Release Date: TBA
A young woman must cope with her aunt’s mental deterioration and her own revelations about their claustrophobic relationship during a summer vacation in Waxwood, California.
About the Book

When maternal love damages and deceives…

Gena Flax has been devoted to her aunt Helen who took care of her after her mother ran off with a wealthy Texas rancher who didn’t like kids. She is blind to Helen’s clingy ways and irrational jealousies, seeing them as part of her eccentric personality that she’s adjusted to.

But for the last several years, Helen’s erratic behavior has begun to escalate and has now reached alarming proportions. Her insistence on their total isolation, her obsession with criminals and her “premonitions”, and her violent fits make Gena afraid not only for her aunt’s sanity but her own as well. Hoping to relax and reassure her, Gena books a room for the summer at the Waxwoodian in Waxwood, California with money she’s saved from working two jobs.

But their summer in Waxwood turns into anything but an ideallic vacation in a peaceful seaside town. Waxwood’s illusive and ominous atmosphere brings to light the depths of Helen’s mental instability and Gena’s own self-deceptions that she can no longer ignore.

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